Hi! I’m Laura; and I have multiple health conditions and have a huge passion for music.

In 2017, I created A Girl Named Laura with the aim being create blogs and posts about my life, music, health and music.

After winning the Young Volunteer of Year 2019 at the Welsh Charity Awards that November for her service with Time to Change Wales; I felt the confidence to branch out and reach further to help others.

In 2020, I felt it was time to give her page a new look under a new name. Self titling the website allowed her to develop on taking about her advocacy and charity work, but have a personal approach this. This new branding also helps with the development of not only just writing about Life, Affinity, Music, and Creativity, but to show and share it too.

As well as this new refreshed look, my aim is to publish my own songs – some written based on life experiences, and some also aiding charities. I am passionate about wellbeing, charity and community, and through some of my music I hope I’ll be able to give back to society.  I am a strong believer in music being a helpful and stimulating therapy. Whether it’s singing to music, or even creating my own music, I find that I am able to express myself in more ways than I can from just writing, typing and/or talking.

Every day is a new day; and I hope as time progresses that I will be able to share and add more to the agenda!